Europe's Common Agricultural Policy: Taking care of our roots

The European Commission is launching today a communication campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of agriculture in our daily lives – and the role that the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) plays in supporting it.

EU Farm Commissioner Dacian Cioloş said: "This campaign is an opportunity to highlight how present the fruits of farmers' work are in our everyday life. Behind the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the countryside we enjoy, there is often the hard work of a farmer. Following the political negotiations on CAP reform, we hope to show how this truly European policy will continue playing a major role in the future, not only in providing food, but also in maintaining our natural resources and preserving a vibrant rural life – and that it makes sense to reward farmers for these broader benefits they provide for society."

Under the new CAP's signature "Taking care of our roots", the campaign will be progressively rolled-out over 2013-2014 in all EU member States, with events, audio-visual material and on-line publications.


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