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Local farming and short supply chains: enhancing the local dimension of the common agricultural policy

"One in two consumers regret that local products are hard to find and difficult to distinguish from other products (Eurobarometer). Yet, there is a structural failure to meet these concerns and certain political and business circles harbour deep-rooted prejudices against this type of marketing", stated European Commissioner Dacian Cioloş, opening a conference in Brussels on the 20th of April, on local agriculture and short supply chain.

Video recording of the conference

"Short supply chains have too long been overlooked. Yet, available data show that already, despite the lack of recognition and support, 15% of EU farms sell more than half of their produce locally", he underlined, adding: "however, despite these difficulties, I am convinced that selling a larger part of agricultural produce locally will bring concrete solutions to many of the challenges facing our society : solutions for consumers, who value the quality, wealth and traditions of farm products ; solutions for the economic health of the farming sector. Even if they will not become the norm, or anything like it, short supply chains do create extra value added, which is much needed. Solutions to problems of waste. Energy waste caused by unnecessary transport of goods; waste of food lost at different stages of the supply chain. We must get a better understanding of this type of marketing. We need to rediscover it".

This conference was organised by the European Commission, at the initiative of Commissioner Dacian Cioloş, in charge of Agriculture and Rural Development, and John Dalli, in charge of Health and Consumer protection.


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