Estonia: Commissioner Cioloş last stop on Via Baltica

Dacian Cioloş with  the Estonian Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Helir-Valdor Seeder visiting the ESKo farm near Tallinn

“I fully support the idea of a more equitable distribution of direct payments between member states. With the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, we will have to find new criteria for these payments, to address citizen’s expectations. The objectives of these payments have to be clear to all European tax-payers”, declared Commissioner Cioloș during a meeting with the Estonian Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Helir-Valdor Seeder, in Parnu , Estonia, on 30 April 2010.

Other subjects discussed were: the problems of capitalisation that farms (mainly big farms) are facing in Estonia because of the economic crisis, and the need to seek the balance between and to find solutions for both Estonian big agricultural exploitations and small family farms.

Other issues addressed were the Less Favoured Areas, Estonian soil specificities and the creation of a framework for the sustainable development of family farms. Both politicians underlined the support for a strong rural development programme under the second pillar of the Common Agricultural Policy and for a better integration of research and innovation in the future CAP. “The Common Agricultural Policy has to address all types of agriculture in Europe, not only the dominant ones”, underlined Commissioner Cioloș.

On his way to Tallinn, the Commissioner visited the Esko farm – producing cheese, with direct sales, and also offering agri-tourism - and met the representatives of the Central Union of Estonian Farmers, of the Chamber of Agriculture & Commerce and of the Estonian Farmers Federation.

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