The CAP can boost the diversity of EU agriculture, says Dacian Cioloş

Dacian Cioloş, Member of the EC in charge of Agriculture and Rural Development receives representatives from the agricultural producers association; Coordination européenne Via Campesina

On Tuesday 13, Dacian Cioloș met with European Coordination Via Campesina to discuss the future of the CAP and the situation in the European milk sector. During the meeting, the representatives of the international peasant movement underscored the importance of securing a sustainable future for small family farms. They also warned against a move towards a model of dual agriculture in which a large amount of small farmers retain a low income, whilst a small number of large farms account for most agricultural output and retain a higher income.

Commissioner Cioloș stressed that in his opinion the diversity of the European farm sector is an advantage for the EU and that the idea of a single model for European agriculture was definitely off the table. This European diversity, said Commissioner Cioloș, could further blossom if nourished by a common policy tool such as the CAP. The Commissioner, however, added that farms should be competitive on their given target market be it local, regional, national, European or global.

On the topic of the CAP post2013 debate, which was launched on Monday, the Commissioner stressed the need for extending the debate to all corners of society, reiterating that he is interested in hearing not only famers' expectations of the CAP, but also those of ordinary citizens. Finally, Commissioner Cioloș said that the definition of the future CAP is an exercise which should concern young farmers and that he hoped to work closely and constructively with them in the seminars that will take place in the coming months.

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