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"The Common Agricultural Policy is not only a matter of budget" – Commissioner Cioloş in Berlin

In his first visit to a national parliament since taking office, EU Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Mr. Dacian Cioloş stressed to German MPs that the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) could offer solutions to many of the challenges of tomorrow, such as food security, management of natural resources, climate change, competitiveness and innovation. Addressing the Committee on Food, Agriculture & Consumer Protection in the German Bundestag, on March 2nd, in Berlin, he said that the CAP is needed in order to reassure an adequate supply of food in the future.

"The CAP should offer a certain stability for farmers, and healthy and safe food for the consumers at an affordable price", said Commissioner Cioloș, reiterating that the CAP affects all citizens, not only farmers.

Mr. Cioloş underlined that only after answering the question "Where do we want to go with the agricultural and rural development policy in Europe?" can we look at setting a budget meeting those ambitions. In a 2-hour session with the Committee, Commissioner Cioloş stressed the new role the national parliaments have gained by the Lisbon Treaty. He described the new consultation with the national parliaments as an opportunity to contribute to the better functioning of the European Union. He added that this is even more important in the debate about agriculture in European Union because of its diversity and its richness.

On the different market mechanisms, Commissioner Cioloş stated that going back to the old mechanisms "is not the solution for the future". Nevertheless, Commissioner Cioloş believes that market intervention measures should continue to exist as "a real safety net".

During his visit to Berlin, Commissioner Cioloş met the Federal Minister of Agriculture, Ilse Aigner. He also met the leaders of the German farm organisations DBV and the DRV on a visit to a farm in Vehlefanz, just north of Berlin. 

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