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My Background

Personal details

  • Maltese
  • Born May 12, 1957 in Floriana, Malta
  • Married
  • 3 children

Political career

  • 2008-2012: Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • 2004-2012: Deputy Prime Minister, Leader of the House of Representatives and Chairman of the National Audit Office Accounts Committee
  • 2004-2012: Deputy Leader of the Nationalist Party
  • 2003-2008: Minister for Justice and Home Affairs
  • 1998-2003: Minister for Home Affairs and the Environment
  • 1995-1996: Minister for Home Affairs and spokesperson for the Nationalist Party
  • 1992-1995; 1996-98: Member of the Joint Parliamentary Committee between the European Parliament and the Maltese House of Representatives
  • 1992-1995: Member of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly
  • 1992-1995: Member of the Board of the Maltese Planning Authority
  • 1990-1995: Member of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture (CPT)
  • 1988-1995: President of the General Council of the Nationalist Party
  • 1982–1984: President of the Nationalist Party Youth Movement (MZPN)
  • 1980–1982: Secretary General of the Nationalist Party Youth Movement (MZPN)

Professional career

  • 1987-1992: Director of Mid-Med Bank Ltd.
  • 1980-1995: Lawyer in private practice, specialised in human rights cases

Other activities

  • 1989-present: Senior Lecturer in Public Law at the University of Malta


  • 1979: Graduated as Doctor of Laws (LL.D) from the University of Malta


  • English and Maltese: mother tongue
  • Italian: thorough knowledge
  • French: working knowledge

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