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Commission recommends principles to ensure effective protection of consumers in the online gambling services sector


The European Commission adopted the Recommendation on principles for the protection of consumers and players of online gambling services and the prevention of minors from gambling.


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What is the European Commission doing to fight against organised crime and corruption in the single market?


"Tax evasion, money laundering, corruption, counterfeiting, piracy, all threaten the integrity of the single market and the confidence of our citizens". Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the European Parliament's special commission on Organised Crime, Corruption and Money Laundering.


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Commission sets out an action plan for online gambling


Online gambling in the EU is characterised by diverse national rules. Today, the Commission is unveiling an action plan, with a series of initiatives over the next two years aimed at clarifying the regulation of online gambling and encouraging cooperation between Member States.


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Online Betting and Gambling in Europe: from Consultation to Action


"Almost 7 million Europeans gamble online. Our aim must be to provide protection for these consumers (…)whilst responding to the legitimate expectations of online betting and gambling operators". Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the European Parliament conference "How to Regulate Betting and Gambling in Europe – Track record and future perspectives".


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Online gambling - Green paper to provide "panoramic view of the situation" - Interview


Commissioner Barnier believes that it is too early to predict the results of the consultation launched on 24 March with the publication of the Green paper on online gambling. He says that this exercise must be conducted in a "spirit of openness". Interview by Sophie Mosca. Europolitics, Supplement to N° 4219.


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On-line gambling in Europe: let's discuss


On-line gambling is a fast developing business in Europe. National legal frameworks vary enormously across the EU, with different rules applying to licensing, related on-line services, payments, public interest objectives, and the fight against fraud. In order to ensure legal certainty and effective protection of EU citizens in this fast-growing cross-border service activity, the Commission has launched a consultation to evaluate how possibly differing models can co-exist within the Single Market. Contributions can be submitted until 31 July 2011.


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Pay-TV services: Commission proposes to ratify the Council of Europe "Conditional Access" Convention to strengthen protection against piracy


In its efforts to further step up the EU's fight against piracy, the European Commission has proposed today to the Member States of the European Union to sign and ratify the Council of Europe's Convention on conditional access systems...


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Online gambling: a reality to be reckoned with – to know and regulate better


Closing speech by Commissioner Barnier at the “Conference on the Role of Authorities in Regulating Gambling”.