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Lady holding a parcel in her hands
Commission presents roadmap for completing the single market for parcel delivery


Christmas season is a time when more people than usual are sending parcels, and the delivery market is being put to the test. The Commission has today adopted a communication on completing the single market for parcel delivery to boost e-commerce in the EU, and to ensure that e-retailers and consumers have access to affordable and high-quality parcel delivery services.


Join the final Single Market Month on-line debate on e-commerce
Join the final Single Market Month on-line debate on e-commerce and chat with President Barroso


Monday 14 October will mark the opening of the fourth and final round of live, interactive online debates – this time on e-commerce - between citizens, businesses, organisations, and policy makers in the framework of Single Market Month. This is an opportunity for citizens and stakeholders to make proposals for the future of the EU, and to debate these proposals online, in real time, with other citizens, stakeholders, officials and leaders, and experts from all over Europe.


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Towards a Digital Single Market


“In these times that remain difficult for Spain and for Europe in general, the construction of a digital single market brings along many promises. (...) But for all these promises to materialise, we have many challenges to face”. Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the conference “Towards a digital single market in the EU”.


Michel Barnier
Statement by the European Commission on the Digital Single Market


"Our contribution to the October European Council will be an important opportunity for the Commission to set out the course of action for the months, and indeed years ahead." Statement by Commissioner Barnier.


Information Highway made of 1 and 0 digits
Digital Single Market: let’s make reality match our vision!


“Here is my vision: a genuine, empowering digital single market; acting as a multiplier of the single market as we know it”. Speech by Commissionner Barnier at the conference The EU Digital Single Market: From rhetoric to reality.


Commission launches consultation on integrated parcel delivery market to boost e-commerce in the EU


57% of e-retailers consider cross-border delivery to be an obstacle to trading, while 47% of consumers worry about delivery in cross-border transactions. An efficient delivery (and return) system is key to facilitating further growth in e-commerce and therefore consumer choice and convenience. This is why the Commission has today adopted a Green Paper consultation on the delivery of parcels, with special emphasis on cross-border issues and e-commerce needs. Stakeholders are invited to respond to the consultation before 15 February 2013.


Commission adopts an action plan for doubling the volume of e-commerce in Europe by 2015


In the difficult circumstances facing Europe we must seize every source of activity and new jobs as a matter of urgency. The development of electronic commerce and online services offers enormous potential for beneficial economic, social and societal change. That is why the Commission has today adopted a Communication presenting 16 targeted initiatives aimed at doubling the share of e-commerce in retail sales (currently 3.4 %) and that of the Internet sector in European GDP (currently less than 3 %) by 2015.