Speeches - November 2013

The Greek EU presidency: an opportunity for Greece and for Europe


“The real objective (...) of the European project is to enable people to live in peace, to live with dignity, to live a better life. This ideal is threatened by the current crisis, by the level of unemployment, the suffering of families and the despair to which this often leads. This is what we must overcome. Not only here in Greece but also in the rest of Europe”. Speech by Commissioner Barnier at a round table bringing together representatives of the economic and financial sector in Athens.


Intellectual property and modernisation of the business environment: two drivers of competitiveness in Europe


"Europe is, and must remain, a breeding ground for creativity, research and innovation". Speech by Commissioner Barnier to the European Parliament Legal Affairs Committee.


The evolving environment for insurance and pensions: state of play


“Last week, the European Parliament and the Council finally reached agreement on the ‘Omnibus II’ Directive. (...) After more than 10 years of work, a world-leading regulatory framework will soon be in place”. Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the EIOPA Annual conference.


Commissioner Barnier welcomes the European Parliament consent to the conclusion of the revised World Trade Organisation’s Government Procurement Agreement


“The European Parliament has today given its consent to the conclusion of the revised World Trade Organisation’s Government Procurement Agreement (GPA). This will ensure that GPA Parties will further open up their domestic public procurement markets to EU bidders”. Declaration by Commissionner Barnier.


ECOFIN Council – Remarks by Commissioner Barnier


“Today, we have made real progress on the second pillar of banking union, the Single Resolution Mechanism. (...) Reaching an agreement in 5 weeks is only possible if all Member States make compromises”. Remarks by Commissioner Barnier following the ECOFIN Council.


Commissioner Barnier welcomes trilogue agreement by Council and Parliament on the “Omnibus II” Directive


“This agreement is a very important step towards the introduction of a modern and risk-based solvency regime for the insurance industry in Europe as of 1 January 2016, making it both safer and more competitive. In practice it makes the implementation of Solvency II possible”. Statement by Commissioner Barnier.


Licences for Europe initiative: concrete commitments to improve European citizens’ access to the content on the Internet


“After only nine months of work, we have now 10 specific commitments for developing creation of and access to online content in the Internal Market”. Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the closing event of the Licences for Europe initiative.


Restoring confidence in the EU


“We sometimes get so caught up in addressing what is wrong with Europe that we forget to underline what we do well”. Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the European Policy Centre Annual Conference “Debate on the State of the Union”.


Collective rights management: Commissioner Barnier welcomes the agreement reached by the European Parliament and the Council


“This provisional agreement (...) lays the foundation for modern copyright licensing in the single market. The new directive will modernise the functioning of all collective management organisations across Europe and facilitate multi-territorial licensing of musical works for online use”. Statement by Commissioner Barnier.