Speeches - October 2013

Three priorities for sustainable European banks in the real economy


"Banks need to regain their ability to fully engage with their customers, by focusing again on the heart of their business: financing the real economy and taking on the risks inherent in this task." Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the European Savings and Retail Banking Group Conference.


Retail payments: a lever for inclusive and innovative growth in Europe pdf - 195 KB [195 KB] français (fr)


"Retail payments are not simply a technical issue. Instead, they form an important lever for our response to the crisis." Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the joint conference ECB – Banque de France.

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The UK in the EU single market: What next? Opportunities and challenges


“The Single Market is of massive importance to the UK economy (...) and British companies know it. They know how important it is for the UK to keep its place at the European Union table”. Speech by M. Barnier, London School of Economics & Political Science.


UK banks and the EU single market: What now?


“We have no interest in undermining the UK. No interest in threatening London’s place as the largest European financial centre. We want to strengthen and integrate the single market, not weaken it”. Speech by Commissioner Barnier, BBA Annual International Banking Conference.


Intellectual property: an engine for growth in Europe


“More than a third of all jobs in Europe (...) depend either directly or indirectly on sectors that make intensive use of intellectual property”. Speech by M. Barnier at the Annual Intellectual Property Conference, in London.


Council gives final approval for the Single Supervisory Mechanism, the first pillar of the Banking Union


“This is a momentous step: the start of a new era for the supervision of Eurozone banks (...) But better supervision is not enough. A banking union also requires action to restructure non-viable banks when necessary. That is why the supervisory system needs to be complemented by an integrated European resolution system”. Statement by President Barroso and Commissioner Barnier.


The new EU budget calendar: substantial progress in the benefit of France and its partners


“The new fall schedule (...) will be make it possible to follow how the recommendations submitted every spring to each Member State [by the European Commission] are taken into account in the draft budget law of the following year, and, if necessary, will give Member States the possibility to adjust it”. Speech by Commissioner Barnier in front of the French National Assembly.


The European Parliament votes in favour of the modernisation of the Professional Qualifications Directive


“I congratulate the European Parliament on having adopted today the modernisation of the Professional Qualifications Directive, which is one of the priorities of the Single Market Act. (...) The European Professional Card – originally an idea put forward by the European Parliament – is one of the major changes to this Directive”. Statement by Commissioner Barnier.


Statement by Commissioner Michel Barnier on the application date of Solvency II


"The Commission today at my request put forward a draft Directive postponing the application date of the Solvency II Directive to 1 January 2016 (…) I have always wanted rapid implementation of Solvency II. But the currently planned date is simply no longer tenable. We have therefore proposed this postponement in order to avoid any legal uncertainty". Statement by Commissioner Barnier.