Speeches - March 2013

Stronger prudential requirements on banks: Statement by Commissioner Barnier following the agreement on the new rules


“I welcome the final agreement reached last night on a package that sets stronger prudential requirements for banks, requiring them to keep sufficient capital reserves and liquidity (...). After the agreement on the Single Supervisory Mechanism two days ago, we are taking another fundamental step towards a genuine Banking Union, which will contribute to securing the stability of European banks and benefit our economies at large”. Statement by Commissioner Barnier.


Creation of the Single Supervisory Mechanism for banks within the Euro area: statement by Commissioner Barnier following the agreement in trialogue


“I congratulate the European Parliament and the Council on reaching an agreement today on a crucial legislative package (...). This is a first fundamental step towards a real banking union which must restore confidence in the eurozone's banks and ensure the solidity and reliability of the banking sector”. Statement by Commissioner Barnier.


Commissioner Barnier welcomes Parliament vote on venture capital and social entrepreneurship funds


“These new EU initiatives will increase opportunities for innovative start-ups or social businesses to find capital”. Statement by Commissioner Barnier.


Croatia: welcome to the single market!


“On July 1st, Croatia will join the EU and the single market. (...) Joining the single market will open up new opportunities for Croatian people and businesses. It will boost the Croatian economy – as it has boosted the economy of acceding countries in the past”. Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the Conference “How can Croatia benefit from the single market”, Zagreb.