Speeches - December 2012

The European banking union, a precondition to financial stability and a historical step forward for European integration


“Member States have agreed to hand over the key supervisory tasks over their banks to the European Central Bank. This is the first step towards the Banking Union. The ECB will be in a position to detect risks to the viability of banks. And require banks to take the necessary actions. (...) This Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) will be a great asset for financial stability in Europe”. Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the EU–US Transatlantic Corporate Governance Dialogue, National Bank of Belgium


Copyright in the digital age: the next steps


“We would like to spark a genuine debate in this area, one that is firmly based on facts. A frank exchange of views that allows us to identify practical and lasting solutions to well-recognised problems (…) This is why the Commission decided yesterday to launch the initiative 'Licensing Europe', for which I have high hopes”. Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the European Parliament “IP Forum”.