Speeches - November 2012

Competition law, trade reciprocity and innovation: for a Europe that is working towards greater competitiveness pdf - 113 KB [113 KB] français (fr)


"We must keep up the momentum achieved to adapt our competition law, impose more reciprocity in the area of trade and support European companies' efforts to further innovate". Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the symposium MEDEF / ESSEC/ LINKLATERS.

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European patent: speech before the Legal Affairs Committee of European Parliament


“The economic outlook in Europe - as everyone knows - is not very encouraging. Now more than ever, we need to send a positive message to the companies that are investing in tomorrow’s economic growth. The creation of a unitary patent would represent a concrete - but also a symbolic - step in this direction”.


Le marché unique est l’un de nos meilleurs atouts pour la stabilité financière et la relance de l’économie : ne laissons pas la crise le fragmenter !


Discours du Commissaire Barnier à la Conférence “Stabilité financière et marché unique - Les clés de la croissance en Europe”.


Banking union, economic and fiscal integration: moving towards a strong Europe that is a solid, strategic partner for Russia


“The European crisis is a subject for concern for the whole world including Russia, whose largest trading partner is the EU and where 40% of foreign exchange reserves are in euros”. Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the Conference of the Association of European Businesses in the Russian Federation (AEB)


Making science work for financial stability and growth in Europe


“The shock surrounding the recent Libor scandal seems to me to be doubly justified. […] One question in particular comes to mind: could scientific analysis have helped up avoid this scandal?  Could an objective approach to markets – an approach by model, even – have detected weaknesses and dark spots in the financial sector?”. Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the conference “Scientific support to financial analysis: how can science contribute to financial stability?” organised by the Joint Research Centre


Making European copyright fit for purpose in the age of internet


“In 1992, we never imagined that one day we would be able to read our favourite newspaper, discover new music or watch a film  anytime, anywhere, on any device - a laptop, a tablet or a phone. We could not imagine the opportunities. Or indeed the challenges that would arise. In particular from a European perspective. Copyright is at the heart of these opportunities and challenges.”. Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the Launch event of the CEPS Digital Forum Taskforce on Copyright in the EU Digital Single Market.


Le marché unique, clé de la compétitivité pour la France et pour l’Europe pdf


“The solution to our problems is not less Europe, but on the contrary more Europe. And in particular a modernized single market, which can be a real boost for competitiveness in Europe”. Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the conference “20 years later: what are the challenges for the Single Market?”.