Speeches - September 2012

Concessions: a clear, flexible and useful framework to improve legal certainty for companies and the services offered to European citizens


"I am convinced that, in the face of difficulties and crises, the solution is not to withdraw into nationalism or protectionism (…) The subject we are discussing today, concessions, is a perfect illustration of this." Speech by Commissioner Barnier at a debate on public service concessions organised by EurActiv.fr.


Tackling the culture of manipulation: What were the systemic failures? How widespread is the problem and what action is being taken? pdf - 105 KB [105 KB] français (fr)


"Les indices de références s'utilisent au plan mondial, il est fondamental de coordonner nos travaux avec nos partenaires internationaux. La Commission travaille donc étroitement avec la BCE et d'autres banques centrales, le FSB et l'IOSCO afin d'envisager le plus rapidement possible des alternatives au système actuel qui répondent le mieux aux besoins de l'économie." Speech by Commissioner Michel Barnier.

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Social business, a platform for new growth in Europe


"The path to new growth and increased competitiveness in Europe is achieved through support to social enterprises." Speech by Commissioner Michel Barnier at the forum "Convergences 2015" in Paris.


Making financial centres contribute to the wider economy


"How can we ensure that Europe's financial centres are able to rise to today's challenges?" Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the European Financial Centre Roundtable.