Speeches - June 2012

Online Betting and Gambling in Europe: from Consultation to Action


"Almost 7 million Europeans gamble online. Our aim must be to provide protection for these consumers (…)whilst responding to the legitimate expectations of online betting and gambling operators". Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the European Parliament conference "How to Regulate Betting and Gambling in Europe – Track record and future perspectives".


The challenges and opportunities of e-procurement


"We want to make e-procurement the rule rather than the exception (...) Electronic procurement offers a unique opportunity to reform public procurement by radically simplifying its procedures. This represents a significant untapped potential for the European economy ". Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the 1st Annual Conference on e-procurement.


The single market is a major strength and an opportunity for all European countries


''The Commission has decided to adopt a second chapter of the Single Market Act after the summer, coinciding with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the creation of the single market.'' Speech by Commissioner Barnier to the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) in the European Parliament.


Protecting consumers of insurance products


“The revision of the Directive on insurance mediation (IMD) is an important step in restoring consumer confidence in the financial sector” — Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the Conference of the European Federation of Insurance Intermediaries (BIPAR).


The future of the Single Market Act


"The 20th anniversary of the single market should be a chance to breathe new life into our single market and to intensify a dialogue with all Europeans on these topics." Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the Plenary session of the European Parliament.


Financial regulation, growth, competitiveness, integration: Europe at a crossroads


"While other parts of the world were moving steadily towards recovery, in the summer of 2011 the euro zone was hit by the sovereign debt crisis. This latest crisis is related to the previous crises (financial, then economic and social), which required significant recovery plans from European governments." Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the 18th International Economic Forum of the Americas, Montreal.


Financial regulation, fiscal consolidation, governance, growth: Europe is taking up its challenges


SPEECH/12/420. "Citizens throughout the EU are right now asking themselves that same question. Do we need more Europe? Or less? My personal conviction is that we are and remain stronger together". Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the Institute of International Finance (IIF) Conference, Copenhagen.


Insurance reforms: putting the European economy back on the path towards sustainable growth


SPEECH/12/410. "Il faut ramener la confiance dans la capacité du système financier à orienter à long terme les financements vers l'économie réelle tout en protégeant les investisseurs et les consommateurs. En allant dans ce sens, nos propositions sur Solvabilité II, sur les intermédiaires en assurance et sur les institutions de retraite professionnelle représentent une chance de contribuer à remettre l'économie européenne sur le chemin de la croissance durable". Discours du Commissaire Barnier à l'Insurance Europe Conference.