Banks' structural reforms: where do we go from here?


"Along with stronger capital requirements, the regulation of shadow banking and a framework for managing and preventing bank crises, we need to continue the debate on possible structural reforms to the banking sector". Speech by Commissioner Barnier at a Parliamentary debate.


Preparation of the informal European summit - Investment, growth and jobs (debate)


"We have felt for some time now that a growth initiative should be added to the fiscal and budgetary pact to ensure its success". Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the European Parliament debate in preparation of the informal European Summit.

Competitiveness - the key to growth in a strong Europe


SPEECH/12/361. "The question of competitiveness is the condition for a strong Europe in the world and also for lasting growth that is balanced between the countries of Europe". Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the Ceremony to award the Charlemagne Prize to Wolfgang Schäuble.


Statement by Commissioner Barnier on Capital Requirements Directive (CRD IV) following the ECOFIN Council


"Thanks to the hard work of the national delegations and the Danish Presidency, we have marked important progress today. Member States have given the Presidency a mandate to start the next and final step: negotiations with the European Parliament."


A digital pact for Europe: Striking a balance between the expectations of users, artists and content providers


SPEECH/12/354. "Our initiatives have one thing in common: they all aim for a clearer application of copyright rules by striking a good balance between providing the widest selection of works online and ensuring fair compensation for artists." Speech by Commissioner Barnier to "LetsGoConnected".


Asset management, the key to intelligent financial regulation


SPEECH/12/327. "Asset managers are in the vanguard to make Europeans' savings work for businesses. And to help savers better manage the risks they face in the course of their lives." Speech by Commissioner Barnier to the European Fund and Asset Management Association.


Towards a real single market for card, internet and mobile payments


SPEECH/12/329. "Our goal should not be to have a homogenous European payments market. National specificities are often based on the habits and preferences of consumers which we must respect. That said, consumers will only reap the benefits of electronic and mobile commerce if their purchases – and therefore their payments – abroad are made as easily as in their own country." Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the Conference on card, internet and mobile payments.