Speeches - March 2012

Informal ECOFIN Council: statement by Commissioner Barnier


"Ce Conseil informel nous a permis de faire de vrais progrès sur un nombre de sujets sensibles. Il est essentiel que nous ne perdions pas le momentum. Nous avons besoin de tout un arsenal de mesures pour éviter une nouvelle crise et ses conséquences catastrophiques sur l'emploi et sur la croissance. C'est pourquoi nous devons conclure les négociations sur la capitalisation des banques (CRD 4), sur les agences de notation et toutes les autres propositions sur la table des co-législateurs au plus vite."


Financial regulation: how to achieve global convergence


SPEECH/12/246. "We need an integrated market. A stronger single market for financial services. For economic efficiency. For a good allocation of capital. And for investors to have a greater choice." Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the Eurofi High Level Seminar in Copenhagen.


Making financial regulation serve society through civil society and consumer participation


SPEECH/12/233. Commissioner Barnier sets out the concrete steps being taken in order to better involve civil society in the new financial regulation. This greater participation of all stakeholders will soon be given the opportunity to prove its effectiveness, since 2012 will be full of initiatives that will have a strong impact on consumers of financial services. Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the '' Finance and Society Conference 2012'' (Finance Watch) in Brussels.


Where we are on financial reform priorities for 2012


We need to go beyond measurs that repair the damage of the crisis, and look ahead to proactive measures on shadow banking, measures for consumers, and potential structural reform of our banks. Speech by the Commissioner at the structured dialogue with the European Parliament's Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee.


Commissioner Barnier welcomes the strengthening of intellectual property rights body


"I am very pleased that, today, the Council has adopted an EU Regulation entrusting the Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) with new tasks. This marks an important step that should allow us to develop a better understanding of the impact of intellectual property right (IPR) infringements on the EU economy…


The truth about a Europe that acts for financial regulation and growth


SPEECH/12/161. The European Union is carrying out some ambitious initiatives in order to address the crises that we have faced, and continue to face. The steps we are taking towards a sound financial regulation, better governance and stronger, more sustainable growth are leading us in the right direction.


Towards a real single market for occupational pensions offering greater choice and better protection for pensioners


SPEECH/12/141. "I would like to outline the five reasons why I believe that the revision of the Directive will help us to benefit from a more modern legislative framework better adapted to current socio-economic requirements". Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the public hearing on the revision of the Directive on occupational pensions.