Speeches - November 2011

Towards fairer trade relations in the food supply chain: a dialogue bearing fruit pdf - 37 KB [37 KB]


Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the High Level Forum for a Better Functioning Food Supply Chain.

Insurance reforms: deepening the single market while respecting the diversity of the sector


"With Solvency II, our goal is to introduce a modern solvency regime for all EU insurers and reinsurers". Speech by Commissioner Barnier to the French Federation of Insurance Companies (FFSA).


The involvement of civil society is imperative for effective financial regulation


"In the current difficult economic climate in which we live, the human dimension of policy and regulation is more important than ever". Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the European Economic and Social Committee.


Making things easier for European service providers: moving towards second generation Points of Single Contact


"Citizens and entrepreneurs will, to a large extent, measure the opportunities they have in the Single Market on the basis of their experience with the Points of Single Contact. We must now make the most of the momentum we have achieved so that we can develop them further". Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the conference on Points of Single Contact.


Financial regulation and the Single Market Act : two instruments for revitalising the European project


The 12 levers set out in the Single Market Act – drafted on the basis of a report submitted by Mario Monti in 2010 – "have the potential to increase Europe's growth by an additional 3 percentage points by 2020. For this to happen, we have to accept – in Italy as in other Member States – that in some areas the status quo must be challenged." Speech by Commissioner Barnier before the Italian Parliament.


Commissioner Barnier appoints Mr. António Vitorino as a mediator in the dialogue on private copying levies pdf - 12 KB [12 KB]


"I have proposed to Mr. António Vitorino, former European Commissioner for Justice and Home Affairs, to take up the mission of mediator to lead the process of the stakeholder dialogue on private copying levies." Statement by Commissioner Barnier.

Progress report on the financial services reform


"Every day, people are asking us if our announcements were followed up and if we have changed the rules and behaviour. I think that, where our reforms are in place, they have effect. This commitment is to be respected for the whole financial reform agenda." Speech by Commissioner Barnier to the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee of the European Parliament.


Progress report on the implementation of the Single Market Act pdf - 52 KB [52 KB]


"What interests Europeans is the finished product, the fact that the proposals we make are adopted and implemented throughout the European Union. For this, we need the full cooperation of other Institutions" . Speech by Commissioner Barnier to the European Parliament's Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection.

Towards a favourable ecosystem for social entrepreneurship in Europe


"Today in Brussels, we are engaging in a great European debate together for social entrepreneurship. It is a starting point. We want to support and listen to those who were the pioneers. These companies and entrepreneurs offer a chance for a competitive social market economy and to become the ambition of the European economic model." Speech by Commissioner Barnier on the occassion of the conference on social entrepreneurship.


EU regulation on insurance markets: an opportunity for insurers and consumers


On the occasion of "Insurance Day", organized by the German Association of Insurers (GDV), Commissioner Barnier talks about the EU's key initiatives in this sector.




Insurance and pensions: challenges and opportunities for deepening the Single Market


SPEECH/11/766. "With our proposals on Solvency II, on insurance intermediaries and on institutions for occupational retirement provision, 2012 promises to be at least as challenging as 2011". Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the EIOPA (European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority) Annual Conference...


Moving images, moving Europe pdf - 32 KB [32 KB]


"The framework that we seek to create should ensure the production and continuous availability of high-quality audiovisual content at national and European level. Our goal is to create a true digital single market, which will benefit producers, viewers and TV channels alike." Speech by Commissioner Barnier before the Association of Commercial Television in Europe (ACT).

Statement by Commissioner Barnier following the ECOFIN Council


Commissioner Barnier comes back to the question of the reform agenda of the banking sector, in particular the implementation of G20 commitments, banks recapitalization and interbank guarantees.


Towards a single market that protects the press and offers it new opportunities pdf - 33 KB [33 KB]


"Protecting copyright and reducing VAT rates are essential if the press is to be allowed to create new business models." Speech by Commissioner Barnier before the European Newspaper Publishers' Association (ENPA).

Strengthening markets and industry to lay the foundations for a genuine European cooperation in the area of defence pdf - 33 KB [33 KB]


"In the field of defence, as in economic affairs, we need more Europe, not less. This is especially true today, as the effects of the economic crisis are increasingly felt in the dramatic reductions in military spending that can be seen in all member states." Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the "Security & Defence Day"

The Professional Qualifications Directive: a tool to promote European competitiveness pdf - 34 KB [34 KB]


"On April 13, the Commission adopted the Single Market Act, which includes 12 levers aimed at laying the foundations for a new, greener, more sustainable and inclusive growth. One of these levers concerns the mobility of EU citizens." Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the Conference on the Professional Qualifications Directive.

European financial regulation: time for delivery


“The largely peaceful protests by anti-capitalists – in London and across the world – should not be underestimated. They highlight that if we don’t get change right, the situation could quickly turn. Speech by Commissioner Barnier at the Conference “Financial Regulation and the Dynamics of Saving and Investment Markets”, Cumberland Lodge, London.