Other news - December 2013

Lady holding a parcel in her hands
Commission presents roadmap for completing the single market for parcel delivery


Christmas season is a time when more people than usual are sending parcels, and the delivery market is being put to the test. The Commission has today adopted a communication on completing the single market for parcel delivery to boost e-commerce in the EU, and to ensure that e-retailers and consumers have access to affordable and high-quality parcel delivery services.


Copyright symbol lying in a hand
Copyright ‑ European Commission launches public consultation


The European Commission has launched today a public consultation as a part of the on-going effort to review and modernise the EU copyright rules. The consultation invites stakeholders to share their views on a number of issues: territoriality in the Internal Market, harmonisation, limitations and exceptions to copyright in the digital age; fragmentation of the EU copyright market; and how to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of enforcement.