Other news - September 2013

Study indicates that roughly 35% of jobs in the EU rely on IPR-intensive industries


The European Commission today welcomed the publication of a study on Intellectual Property Rights, which was carried out jointly by the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM). This study measures the importance of Intellectual Property rights in the EU economy.


Michel Barnier
Citizens, stakeholders, and policy-makers debate the future of social rights in the EU


Monday 30 September will mark the opening of a second round of live, interactive online debates – this time on social rights - between citizens, businesses, organisations, and policy makers in the framework of Single Market Month. This is an opportunity for citizens and stakeholders to make proposals for the future of the EU and to debate these proposals online, in real time, with other citizens, stakeholders, officials and leaders, and experts from all over Europe.


Jobs, social rights, banks, e-commerce: your ideas can change Europe
EU Single Market Month kicks off with debates on jobs


Monday 23 September sees the first in a series of four online debates on the Single Market. The online forum offers stakeholders a unique and immediate line of communication to Brussels policymakers. The first debates will run from Monday 23 to Wednesday 25 September on 111 policy proposals from 17 countries on issues surrounding jobs: how to create more jobs; how to set up a business; how to improve the quality of available jobs.


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Commission proposes new measures to restore confidence in benchmarks following LIBOR and EURIBOR scandals


The Commission has today proposed draft legislation to help restore confidence in the integrity of benchmarks. A benchmark is an index (statistical measure), calculated from a representative set of underlying data, that is used as a reference price for a financial instrument or financial contract or to measure the performance of an investment fund.


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More information on your rights in the Single Market and better problem-solving


As more and more Europeans discover the opportunities of the EU’s Single Market, there are more questions to answer and problems to solve. (...) That is where the EU steps in. Your Europe, as a wide-ranging information portal on EU rights, and SOLVIT, as a cross-border problem-solving mechanism, try to help people and companies to navigate the EU’s Single Market. Further to the success of these tools, the European Commission today adopted an Action Plan for the further development of Your Europe and a Recommendation on SOLVIT for making it work more effectively.


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Five years after the collapse of Lehmans: what the EU has done to learn the lessons from the crisis, and what still needs to be done


On 15 September 2008, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, bringing down the house of straw on which our financial system had been built. Five years on, we’re still not out of the woods. But we have done a lot to create the conditions in which Europe can grow once more. Commissioner Barnier explains what the EU has accomplished since 2008 to put the European financial sector back on its feet.


Michel Barnier
The European Parliament endorses the political agreement on new European rules for market abuse


“I welcome the political agreement with Council on the Market Abuse Regulation that European Parliament has endorsed today, which will establish tougher rules to better prevent, detect and punish market abuse”. Statement by Commissioner Barnier.


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Commission’s roadmap for tackling the risks inherent in shadow banking


The Commission has today adopted a communication on shadow banking and proposed new rules for money market funds (MMFs). “We have regulated banks and markets comprehensively. We now need to address the risks posed by the shadow banking system” said Commissioner Barnier.