La Commission rencontre les acteurs clefs du secteur bancaire dans le cadre de la consultation sur les Réformes structurelles du secteur bancaire

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La Commission européenne organise aujourd’hui une réunion sur les Réformes structurelles du secteur bancaire, à laquelle participent des représentants du secteur financier ainsi que des acteurs clefs de l’économie réelle et de la société civile. Cette réunion permettra de découvrir les diverses visions que peuvent avoir les différents acteurs clefs sur les questions centrales de ce débat, entre autres l’ampleur des réformes et les possibles actions à mener.

Cet événement fait suite à la consultation sur les Réformes structurelles du secteur bancaire lancée hier par la Commission européenne.

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The general objective of the reform is to ensure that the EU treats in a comprehensive manner the problems that can arise from banks being too big and too complex and to avoid that taxpayers end up having to rescue banks and pay the bill. In this context, structural reform may for the biggest and most complex banks be necessary in addition to the other adopted or on-going reforms in the banking sector. More generally, the aim is to establish a stable and efficient banking system that serves the needs of EU citizens and the economy, increases economic growth by reducing instability and improving resource allocation, and provides an EU-coordinated response to enhance the functioning of the internal market.

The consultation focuses on the key attributes of structural reform; i.e. the scope of activities, the strength of separation, and the possible institutional scope. It is open to all stakeholders. It will run until 3rd of July 2013.

In February 2012, the Commission established a High-level Expert Group (HLEG), chaired by Erkki Liikanen, to evaluate possible reforms to the structure of the EU’s banking sector (MEMO/12/129). The HLEG presented its final report to the Commission on October 2nd, 2012 (IP/12/1048). It concluded that the on-going reforms to strengthen Europe’s financial sector do not address all the underlying problems in the EU banking sector, as they do not fully correct incentives for excessive risk-taking, complexity, interconnectedness and intra-group subsidies. The group’s report accordingly states that reforming the structure of banks is necessary to complement the existing reforms.

Together with today’s meeting and with the recommendations of the HLEG, the results of the consultation together, will contribute to the Commission’s on-going Impact Assessment and help to devise a European framework for action to preserve the integrity of the single market. Proposals are envisaged for early autumn 2013.

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