Other news - July 2012

Investment funds
Commission launches consultation on a future framework for investment funds


The consultation builds on and is complementary to the European Securities and Markets Authority's (ESMA) guidelines on ETF (exchange-traded funds) and other UCITS issues of 25 July. The consultation raises a series of issues and policy options aimed at maintaining investor confidence in money market funds.


Libor scandal: Commission proposes EU-wide action to fight rate-fixing


In the recent LIBOR scandal, serious concerns have been raised about false submissions of banks' estimated interbank lending rates. The European Commission has today acted to address this kind of market manipulation, by adopting amendments to the proposals for a Regulation and a Directive on insider dealing and market manipulation, including criminal sanctions, initially tabled on 20 October 2011.


Michel Barnier
Say NO to manipulating financial markets


"Thank you for your mobilization! We need your support to reach our goal: no financial player, no financial product and no financial market should escape effective regulation and supervision". Michel Barnier on the Avaaz petition on banking reform.


Online services
Copyright: Commission proposes easier music licensing in the single market


Consumer demand for music does not recognise borders or national restrictions. Neither do the online services used to access them. The European Commission has today proposed new rules to modernise the transparency and efficiency of collecting societies. Collecting societies will need to modernise to make sure that music is more readily available to consumers on-line, that revenue is correctly collected and fairly distributed to authors, and to make it easier for service providers to roll out new services.


Short selling
Short selling: Commission adopts rules on the ban on uncovered sovereign credit default swaps and short sales of shares and sovereign debt


The European Commission has today adopted a Delegated Act which sets out important technical rules needed to ensure the uniform application and enforcement of the Short Selling Regulation . In particular, the delegated act specifies the cases in which sovereign credit default swaps are considered covered, and therefore not banned in accordance with the Regulation.


Consumer protection
Commission proposes legislation to improve consumer protection in financial services


In the aftermath of the biggest financial crisis in recent memory, the financial sector must place consumers at its heart. Retail products must be safer, information standards must become clearer, and those selling products must always be subject to the highest standards. The European Commission has adopted today a legislative package solely dedicated to consumers, which includes a proposal for a regulation on key information documents for packaged retail investment products (PRIPS), a revision of the Insurance Mediation Directive (IMD), and a proposal to boost protection for those who buy investment funds (UCITS).