Other news - September 2011

Internal Market Scoreboard
Internal Market Scoreboard: Member States need to step up their efforts to transpose EU rules


If we want to truly unleash the Single Market's potential to get us back on track, we need to make sure that its laws are properly transposed and applied on the ground - everywhere. The Internal Market Scoreboard shows that Member States urgently need to improve their latest efforts in transposing EU rules.


President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso
Fast adoption of our proposals to relaunch the Single Market and to reform financial markets is key to get us out of the crisis – President Barroso says


This is a defining moment for Europe. Today, the President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso delivered the “State of the Union Address 2011” from the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Commissioner Barnier urges you to watch the speech of the President, which covers key issues about Single Market policy and the Union’s response to the financial crisis.


Eurobarometer survey
The Single Market through the lens of the people: A snapshot of citizens' and businesses' 20 main concerns


The European Commission disclosed today the results of its latest Eurobarometer survey on the Single Market. It also compiled a list of the 20 most frequently encountered problems faced by EU citizens and businesses when travelling, moving or working abroad.


Copyright: Commission brokers agreement to increase the number of out-of-commerce books being made available again


Commissioner Barnier presided today over the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in which libraries, publishers, authors, and their collecting societies have agreed to give European libraries and similar institutions the possibility to digitise and make available on line out-of-commerce books and learned journals.


Tell us your story
Single Market Forum: "Tell us your story" competition - winners announced


The winners of an EU-wide competition launched in May have been announced today. Citizens and businesses were asked to share their personal experiences of the Single Market. The five winners are now invited to present their stories at the Single Market Forum in Krakow.


Copyright: Extension of the term of protection for performers


"Today's decision to increase the term of protection for musicians' copyright from 50 to 70 years will make a real difference for performers". Statement by Commissioner Barnier on the adoption of the copyright extension for performers.


Payment services
Financial services: Commission wants more consumers and other payment users to serve on the board of Expert Group on payments


The European Commission is re-casting membership of the group of experts which helps in the preparation of legislative acts or policy initiatives in the area of payment systems. The aim is to achieve a better balance between payment server users and providers, and to increase the participation of consumer representatives and civil society. Interested candidates are invited to send an application to the Commission by 7 October 2011.