Droit d'auteur: extension de la durée de protection des droits des artistes interprètes


"La décision d'aujourd'hui de prolonger la durée de protection des droits des musiciens de 50 à 70 ans fera une réelle différence pour les artistes interprétes". Déclaration du Commissaire Barnier concernant l'adoption de l'extension des droits d'auteur pour les artistes interprétes.

"Today's decision to increase the term of protection for musicians' copyright from 50 to 70 years will make a real difference for performers. With increasing life expectancy, the previous 50-year protection term was clearly insufficient. Despite the fact that their music and songs are still popular, today many performers are left without income when they are older. The increase to a 70-year term means performers can still receive remuneration when their music is played once they have retired. Today's agreement gives performers the recognition and reward they justly deserve for their creative contributions to society and stimulates creation for future generations of music fans".

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