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    Europe's demography after enlargements and crisis: The need to boost employment and regional developmentpdf(464 kB)


    Lecture at the University of World and National Economy

    Sofia, 29 March 2012

    Over the next 20 years, Bulgaria is projected to lose over 10% of its population... Mobility is of course a right and it is to be encouraged, but from the point of view of Bulgaria’s economic development, it is crucial to create conditions favourable to keeping young people in the country, enabling everybody to contribute to the economy, and encouraging those who have left to return

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    EU policy and action in support of social economy and social entrepreneurshippdf(437 kB)


    European Fair of Social Enterprises and Cooperatives for People with Disabilities  

    Plovdiv, 29 March 2012

    Our values should guide the way we do business, and we should do more to round out the mono-dimensional business model based on maximising profit. If we want a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in Europe, we need more businesses that focus on a social mission.

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    Towards a more inclusive Europe by 2020pdf(939 kB) Übersetzung für diesen Link wählen 


    Understanding the impact of inequalities on the economy and the society is essential if we want to formulate good economic, employment and social policy – and it is particularly important in the context of the crisis, where policy action or non-action can have an even greater impact than in better years.

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    "Adequate, safe and sustainable pensions, for today and in the future", 13th Handelsblatt Conference on occupational pension plan management, Berlin Übersetzung für diesen Link wählen 


    Pensions are a subject that does — and should — concern us all. Today around a quarter of the EU population depend on a pension for their main source of income.

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    "Towards a Social Investment Pact within EU economic governance", EPP Group Hearing on "Social investments as a response to the crisis", Brussels Übersetzung für diesen Link wählen 


    Social investments bring both economic and social returns. Inclusiveness of labour markets and societies is key for the growth potential. It improves the supply side of the economy as well as aggregate demand. But social investment is also crucial from a more narrowly fiscal point of view, as it can prevent larger future expenditure that would be incurred due to further increases in unemployment, exclusion and poverty.

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    "Adapting tax systems to address employment and social challenges", Brussels Tax Forum Übersetzung für diesen Link wählen 


    The challenges facing the labour market today call for a multi-dimensional approach. It must cover the development of skills, access to employment, the provision of well-designed in-work benefit, life-long learning opportunities, health-care provision and demand-side improvements. Shifting tax from labour — especially among the low-skilled — may be an important aspect of that approach.

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