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    "Building a social market economy in the European Union", Manchester Business School Übersetzung für diesen Link wählen 


    The social market economy is based on two clearly distinct but complementary pillars: on the one hand, the enforcement of competition, and on the other, social policy measures to guarantee social justice by correcting negative outcomes and bolster social protection.

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    "The First European Poverty Convention: Another step forward in reducing exclusion", Krakow Übersetzung für diesen Link wählen 


    Efforts to create financial stability in the short term need to mesh and work in with our long-term objectives to create smart, sustainable and especially inclusive growth. That means working for all the targets set under our Europe 2020 Strategy — and in particular employment, education, poverty reduction and social inclusion. It calls for a multifaceted approach by all stakeholders. And I venture to say that each and every European is a stakeholder in this context, because we all have a stake in ensuring our societies are cohesive and inclusive.

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