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Commissioner Andor visits ESF-funded youth employment project in Rotterdam


In Rotterdam today, Commissioner Andor visited the Youth Desk (Jongerenloket), a project funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) through which young people can access all the city's relevant youth-focused services.

The Youth Desk is part of Rotterdam's central policy for Youth at Risk, for young people aged 27 years and under. The implementation of this policy is overseen by four vice-mayors and also involves four city departments working together: Youth, Education & Society (JOS); Social Affairs and Employment (SoZaWe); Health and Wellbeing (GGD); and Safety (DV). Central coordination is undertaken by the Board of the mayor and vice-mayors.

The main activities of the Youth Desk are:

  • tackling truancy in pupils aged 16–27 who are in upper secondary vocational education and who do not yet have a basic qualification;
  • offering advice and guidance on education and training trajectories for young people aged 16-27 years: within eight weeks of registering with the Youth Desk, a young person has to be placed either in education, or in a dual learning trajectory that combines a job and school, or in a reintegration pathway, or in the care system;
  • keeping track of all young people aged 16-27 who are not in education, training or work, and actively including these young people back into education, training and/or work;
  • providing the city's Central Youth Reception service (COJ) for homeless young people.       

To provide these activities, the Youth Desk works with a variety of other organisations, including secondary and upper secondary vocational schools, city districts, the DOSA Network, mentoring systems, the city's job centre (UWV), care systems, young immigrant reception centres, and social welfare organisations.