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Business and trade unions from across the EU discuss wage developments


László Andor, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion has welcomed the first ever meeting at EU level of representatives of national trade unions and business organisations to exchange views on wage developments.

At the meeting, taking place in Brussels on 1st February, they will discuss how wages have evolved in recent years in relation to productivity and what this has meant for domestic demand and employment in individual countries and the EU as a whole. The will also discuss inequalities in wage distribution across income groups.

The "tripartite" meeting is organised by the EU's Employment Committee, comprising representatives of Member States, and is based on a proposal made by the European Commission in its Employment Package    of April 2012.

The Commission's recent analysis of wage developments during the crisis Choose translations of the previous link  will serve as a background document. The meeting aims to give national social partners a greater say at the European level by sharing their views and enriching the EU-level analysis of wage developments.

"This timely initiative feeds into the debate and work concerning the importance of the social dialogue as a cornerstone of the social dimension of Economic and Monetary Union", commented Commissioner Andor.