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The Council did not agree to extend the crisis derogation for the EGF



Speaking at the press conference following the meeting of Council of Ministers in Brussels, Commissioner László Andor said that: "Against the current backdrop of the crisis, the debate with Employment and Social Affairs Ministers on the European Globalisation Fund leaves me with a profound sense of disbelief.

The EGF crisis derogation proposed in 2009 has meant that the growing number of workers losing their job because of the crisis have been able to qualify for support. It has been a highly significant change allowing the EU to help fight against the mass and often very concentrated unemployment caused by the ongoing financial and economic crisis.

The majority of countries were prepared to support the continuation of this crisis derogation, but eight countries voted against. This is a major disappointment.

The crisis will unfortunately not end on December 31st this year. By ending the EGF's crisis derogation beyond 2011, cases that are linked to the crisis submitted for EGF support from January 1st 2012 will simply be ineligible. This means that the more than 4,000 workers whose rendundancy has already been announced will lose out on EU support".