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László Andor on flexicurity: Europe needs more growth and more job creation


Commissioner László Andor opened today’s stakeholder conference on flexicurity, in Brussels stressing that employment and labour market reforms are part of the solution for the current economic and financial challenges. “They are an essential ingredient for whatever recipe the EU finds to pursue its journey of integration”, Mr Andor said.

The EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion continued by stressing that maintaining a skilled workforce only bears fruit if people put their skills to use through a job. “We need social peace and the necessary income base to boost the confidence of consumers and investors. Credit has to flow again, and business must have incentives to create new jobs. Otherwise long-term unemployment risks continuing to rise”, Mr Andor explained.

The Commissioner expressed the need to ensure that the burden of adjustment processes is distributed in a fair and balanced way, with a special focus on the groups most harshly hit by the crisis – young people and low-skilled workers.

Many of the employment problems we face now are not just the result of cyclical factors. They are also the result of structural deficiencies exacerbated by the crisis”, explained the Mr Andor. “I am confident that we can collectively find a path towards a job-rich recovery and put aside our differences in order to find common ground on which to build the foundations of our future prosperity, he added.

The goal of the conference is to hear the stakeholders’ views on flexicurity and envisage ways forward. It will to take stock of past measures look at whether flexicurity as it was conceived in 2007 still provides the necessary response in the current context and as part of the 2020 targets Choose translations of the previous link . The results of the conference will feed into a policy communication on Flexicurity that the Commission will present in 2012

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Flexicurity is an integrated strategy for enhancing, at the same time, flexibility and security in the labour market. It attempts to reconcile employers' need for a flexible workforce with workers' need for security – confidence that they will not face long periods of unemployment.