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László Andor in Vienna: How can Europe become again a driving engine?


In Vienna, for the Summernight Symposium, Commissioner László Andor stressed the need to ensure a job-rich and inclusive recovery in Europe: "As we progress up the pathway to recovery, we need to be ambitious and determined when preparing the growth-enhancing reforms of tomorrow".

The EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion presented the goals of Europe 2020 strategy and some of the EU actions under preparation on the employment and social field to help EU countries reach them: the Your first EURES job abroad for young jobseekers willing to work abroad; the EU Skills Panorama to provide information on skills supply and demand; and the White Paper on Pensions    to be presented in the Autumn addressing the sustainability and adequacy of pensions in a post crisis context.

Mr Andor said: "We need to respond effectively to structural and global challenges. In the coming decades our economies will become even more interlinked, global finance will expand further, climate and resource issues will gain more prominence and the impact of demographic ageing will materialise in full scale."

Mr Andor explained that the Commission has recently adopted a set of specific recommendations Choose translations of the previous link  for each country after having assessed their national reform programmes and commitments – as part of the European Semester, the new working method to ensure collective discussion-making on key priorities at EU level before national decisions are taken.

The Commission's recommendations cover a wide range of labour market reforms – including payroll taxes, childcare, education systems, wage-setting mechanisms and retirement patterns to enhance labour market participation and reduce unemployment. "This is a very ambitious list of reforms that should be initiated in the next twelve months as a matter of urgency", the Commissioner added.