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European Business Summit: 'Putting Europe back on track'


"A skilled workforce can contribute significantly towards the recovery and future sustainable growth" said Commissioner László Andor at the 2010 European Business Summit on 30 June 2010.

Between now and 2020, demand for highly-qualified people in Europe is projected to rise by 16 million, while demand for low-skilled workers is expected to decline by around 12 million. 

Mr Andor stressed the important role that employers can play by investing in the skills of their workforce in order to strengthen competitiveness, employability and long-term development.  He identified three main areas where initiatives planned by the EU, particularly in the context of the Europe 2020 strategy Choose translations of the previous link , could benefit from active cooperation with employers:

  • Improving skills forecasting in order to identify future labour market needs.
  • Reinforcing education and training systems so that young people acquire the right skills and competences
  • Upgrading the skills of existing employees so that they are equipped for the demands of tomorrow's labour market

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