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Speech by Vice President Almunia: Trends and milestones in competition policy since 2010
AmCham EU's 31st annual Competition Policy Conference - 14 October

Speech by Vice President Almunia: Weaving Europe's single competition enforcement area
European Competition Day, Rome - 8 October

Commission concludes modified UK State aid measures for Hinkley Point nuclear power plant are compatible with EU rules
08.10.2014 - Press room, Brussels

Presenting the Annual Competition Report
23.09.2014 - European Parliament, ECON Committee

Some highlights from EU competition enforcement
19.09.2014 - Florence, IBA 18th Annual Competition Conference

Speech: EU competition policy and sectoral challenges
12.09.2014 - New York, Fordham 41st Annual Conference on International Antitrust Law and Policy

Looking back at five years of competition enforcement in the EU
10.09.2014 - Washington, Global Antitrust Enforcement Symposium (Georgetown)

Statement by Vice-President Almunia on Smart Card Chips cartel
03.09.2014 - Brussels

Decision in Servier case
09.07.2014 - Brussels

Public policies in digital markets: reflections from competition enforcement
30.06.2014 - Chatham House Competition Policy Conference, London

Honing the instruments of EU competition control
15.05.2014 - International Competition Law Forum, St. Gallen

Keeping the global playing field level
23.04.2014 - ICN 13th annual conference, Marrakech

Developments in EU competition policy
10.04.2014 - European Competition Day, Athens

Introductory remarks on new guidelines on state aid for environmental protection and energy for the period 2014-2020
09.04.2014 - Sala de prensa, Bruselas

Fighting against cartels: A priority for the present and for the future
03.04.2014 - SV Kartellrecht, Bruselas

Introductory remarks on two cartel decisions: Power Cables and Steel Abrasives
02.04.2014 - Sala de prensa, Bruselas

Introductory remarks on Bearings cartel
05.03.2014 - Sala de prensa, Bruselas

Competition policy and the global economy
07.03.2014 - Cape Town, South Africa

Statement on antitrust decisions on power exchanges en

05.03.2014 - Sala de prensa, Bruselas

Concurrence et croissance pour l'après-crise en

21.02.2014 - 5ème Conférence New Frontiers of Antitrust, Paris

Introductory remarks on new guidelines for state aid to airports and airlines
20.02.2014 - Sala de prensa, Bruselas

Competition Policy enforcement as a driver for growth en

18.02.2014 - Bruegel Workshop, Bruges

Fighting for the Single Market en

11.02.2014 - European Competition Forum, Brussels

Opening a Path for Recovery: Competition in Financial Markets en

06.02.2014 - University College London

Statement on the Google investigation en

05.02.2014 - Press room, Brussels

Competition policy for the post-crisis world: A perspective en

17.01.2014 - College of Europe, Bruges

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