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2012 - 2011 - 2010

Aprobación de los planes de reestructuración de del segundo grupo de bancos españoles que precisaban ayuda estatal: Banco Mare Nostrum, Banco Caja3, Liberbank y Banco CEISS

20.12.2012 - Press Room, Brussels

Statement by Vice President Almunia on the Google investigation

18.12.2012 - Press Room, Brüssel

Statement on commitments from Apple and four publishing groups for sale of e-books

13.12.2012 - Press Room, Bruxelles

Introductory remarks on Hutchison 3G Austria/ Orange Austria merger decision

12.12.2012 - Press Conference, Strasbourg

The role of competition policy in times of crisis

06.12.2012 - AmCham EU Competition Policy Conference, Bruxelles

Aprobación de los planes de reestructuración de BFA-Bankia, NCG Banco, Catalunya Banc y Banco de Valencia

28.11.2012 - Press Room (Bruxelles)

Competition and personal data protection

26.11.2012 - Privacy Platform event: Competition and Privacy in Markets of Data (Bruxelles)

Merger review: Past evolution and future prospects

02.11.2012 - Cernobbio, Italie

La Commission adresse une communication des griefs à Microsoft pour non-respect de ses engagements en matière de choix de navigateur

24.10.2012 - Bruxelles

Speech at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics: The Economic and Monetary Union, the euro and the financial crisis

22.10.2012 - Barcelona

Speech at the Academy of European Law (ERA): Competition enforcement in the EU: Beyond the integration of Markets

18.10.2012 - Trier

Speech at the High level seminar on Competition, State aid and regional development: Reviewing the Commission's Regional aid guidelines

11.10.2012 - Brussels

Speech at the European Parliament: Presenting the Competition Policy Work Programme for 2013/14

08.10.2012 - European Parliament, Brussels

Speech at the European Competition Day: Competition policy as a pan-European effort

02.10.2012 - Nicosia, Cyprus

Speech at the 2nd International Competition Forum: Better working markets at the service of growth

27.09.2012 - Warsaw, Poland

Speech at the EP workshop on State Aid Modernisation: Presenting the State aid modernisation initiative

25.09.2012 - European Parliament, Brussels

Speech at the EP Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs: Putting the genie back in the bottle

24.09.2012 - European Parliament, Brussels

Universal Music Group/EMI Music Press conference

21.09.2012 - Press conference, Brussels

Speech at the Fordham Institute: Competition enforcement in the knowledge economy

20.09.2012 - Fordham Institute, New York

Speech at the 6th Annual Global Antitrust Enforcement Symposium

19.09.2012 - Georgetown Law, Washington DC

Speech at the CINDER (Internacional Center for Registration Law) Congress

17.09.2012 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Statement on Antitrust and State aid issues

25.07.2012 - Press conference, Brussels

Statement on Microsoft non-compliance with the browser choice commitments

17.07.2012 - Press conference, Brussels

The New Portuguese Competition Law

13.07.2012 - Conference organised by the Autoridade da Concorrência, Lisbon

Competition Policy in times of restructuring

22.06.2012 - Chatham House Conference, London

Restructuring the banking sector in the EU: A State aid perspective

21.06.2012 - Conference on State Aid in the Banking Market – Legal and Economic Perspectives, Frankfurt am Main

Presenting the Annual Competition Report for 2011

19.06.2012 - ECON Committee, European Parliament, Brussels

Higher Duty for Competition Enforcers

15.06.2012 - International Bar Association Antitrust Conference, Madrid

Antitrust enforcement: Challenges old and new

08.06.2012 - 19th International Competition Law Forum, St. Gallen

Speech: The State Aid Modernisation Initiative

07.06.2012 - 10th Experts' Forum on New Developments in European State Aid Law, Brussels

Overcoming the crisis: The role of finance

23.05.2012 - Second European Financial Congress, Sopot, Poland

Statement of VP Almunia on the Google antitrust investigation

21.05.2012 - Press conference, Brussels

Europe's banking sector after the crisis: Oversight, regulation and responsibility

10.05.2012 - Press conference, Brussels

State Aid Modernisation

08.05.2012 - Press conference, Brussels

Integrating payments in the EU: A new approach

04.05.2012 - Conference on Card, Internet and Mobile Payments

International cooperation to fight protectionism

18.04.2012 - 11th Annual Conference of the International Competition

Competition policy for the post-crisis era

30.03.2012 - Antitrust Division of the US Department of Justice

Competition policy for innovation and growth: Keeping markets open and efficient

08.03.2012 - European Competition and Consumer Day

Competition policy and growth

28.02.2012 - European Parliament: Internal Market and Consumer protection Committee, Brussels

Restructuring EU banks: The role of State aid control

24.02.2012 - CEPS Lunchtime Meeting (Brussels)

Modernising State aid control

23.02.2012 - European Economic and Social Committee – plenary meeting (Brussels)

Quo vadis Europa? New Frontiers of Antitrust 2012

10.02.2012 - Revue Concurrences (Paris)

Priming Europe for Growth

02.02.2012 - European Competition Forum (Brussels)

Mergers: Commission blocks proposed merger between Deutsche Börse and NYSE Euronext

01.02.2012 - Press conference (Brussels)

Commission adopts a package of four decisions concerning the incumbent postal operators in Germany, Belgium, France and Greece

25.01.2012 - Press conference (Brussels)

Banking sector and State aid

24.01.2012 - The Third Future Of Banking Summit (Paris)

Improving Europe's competitiveness in the global economy

17.01.2012 - The Future of Europe (Brussels)

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