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2012 - 2011 - 2010

Reform of the State aid rules for Services of General Economic Interest (SGEI) and decisions on WestLB, Bank of Ireland and France Telecom

20.12.2011 - Press conference, Brussels

A fair and open system for payments in the Single Market

14.12.2011 - European Payments Council Plenary meeting (Strasbourg)

Extension of state aid control crisis regime for banks

1.12.2011 - Press conference, Brussels

Unleashing Europe's potential for growth: The role of competition policy

1.12.2011 - Competition Summit 2011 (Brussels)

Competition – what's in it for consumers?

24.11.2011 - European Competition and Consumer Day. Poznan (Poland)

Work Programme for 2012

22.11.2011 - Presentation au Comité Affaires économiques et monétaires du Parlement Européen (Bruxelles)

Developments in State aid policy

11.11.2011 - State Aid Round Table - BDI Berlin

The power of the markets, the role of public policy

21.10.2011 - Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies

Fuelling growth in Romania: The role of competition policy

21.10.2011 - Romanian Competition Council (Bucharest)

Building Europe's future payments market

12.10.2011 - Next Generation Cards and Payments conference, Brussels

Stoking growth in Europe: a time for bold decisions

06.10.2011 - Polish Presidency Conference: Sources of Growth in Europe, Brussels

The impact of the crisis State aid regime for banks

04.10.2011 - European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels

SGEI reform: Presenting the draft legislation

30.9.2011 - College of Europe, Bruges

Public enforcement and private damages actions in antitrust

22.09.2011 - European Parliament, ECON Committee Brussels

Public enforcement and private damages actions in antitrust

22.9.2011 - European Parliament, Brussels

Presentation of Comission decision on HSH Nordbank and State of Play on State Aid rules to banks

20.9.2011 - European Commission, Brussels

New challenges in mergers and antitrust

16.9.2011 - IBA annual competition conference, Florence

State aid control as a resolution tool in the EU

15.9.2011 - Eurofi Financial Forum 2011, Wrocław

Policy Objectives in Merger Control

08.9.2011 - Fordham Competition Conference, New York

Public enforcement and private damages actions in antitrust

22.09.2011 - European Parliament, ECON Committee Brussels

Competition policy in 2010 and the SGEI reform

12.7.2011 - European Parliament, ECON Committee, Brussels

Improving Europe's competitiveness in the global economy

28.6.2011 - Annual BritishAmerican Business Conference, London

Las claves de la política de competencia en la estrategia europea

21.6.2011 - Jornadas Anuales de la CNC, Madrid

Beyond the banking crisis: another chapter in Ireland's history of resilience

17.6.2011 - Federation of International Banks in Ireland

Public services for a better Europe

16.6.2011 - European Centre of Employers and Enterprises providing Public services, Budapest

Fair process in the EU competition enforcement

30.5.2011 - European Competition Day, Budapest

An integrated approach to State aid

26.5.2011 - 9th Expert Forum of the European State Aid Law Institute, Bruxelles

Commencement address at Suffolk University

21.5.2011 - Suffolk University, Boston

A new decade for the International Competition Network

18.5.2011 - 10th Annual Conference of the International Competition Network, La Haye

Competition Policy Issues in Financial Markets

16.5.2011 - Cass Business School, Londres

Reform of EU State aid rules on the Services of General Economic Interest

12.5.2011 - 90th Plenary Session of the Committee of the Regions, Bruxelles

Reforming EU State aid rules on public services: The way forward
02.5.2011 - EPC policy Dialogue, Bruxelles

Staying ahead of the curve in EU competition policy
19.4.2011 - GCLC's Fifth Evening Policy Talk, Brussels

Cartels: the priority in competition enforcement
14.4.2011 - 15th International Conference on Competition: A Spotlight on Cartel Prosecution, Berlin

Statement by Commissioner Almunia on the detergent powder cartel settlement
13.4.2011 - Berlaymont press room, Brussels

Recent developments and future priorities in EU competition policy
08.4.2011 - International Competition Law Forum, St. Gallen

Reformas y reestructuración del sistema financiero
25.3.2011 - Fundación de las Cajas de Ahorros, Madrid

SGEI reform and the application of competition rules to the financial sector: themes for dialogue with the European Parliament
22.3.2011 - Parlement européen, Comité ECON. Bruxelles

EU merger control has come of age
10.3.2011 - "Merger Regulation in the EU after 20 years", co-presented by the IBA Antitrust Committee and the European Commission. Brussels

Taking stock and looking forward: a year at the helm of EU competition
11.2.2011 - Conférence Revue Concurrences: "New Frontiers of Antitrust 2011"

Landesbanken and the EU competition rules
02.2.2011 - 9th Handelsblatt annual conference Strategies for Savings Banks and Landesbanken. Berlin.

Prohibition of the proposed merger of Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines
26.1.2011 – Conférence de presse, Bruxelles

Communiqués de presse - Vidéo

How competition policy contributes to competitiveness and social cohesion
14.1.2011 - Conference: "Europa 2011 - Regulação e Competitividade". Lisbonne, Portugal

Liste complète de discours

Cette liste comprend les discours pendant le mandat comme Commissaire responsable des Affaires économiques et monétaires