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Articles & interviews 2012

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Interview with Het Financieele Dagblad: "Verbod op prijsgevecht bij steun logisch"
20 November 2012

Interview with Revue Banque: "Les aides au secteur bancaire représentent annuellement 10 % du PIB européen"
30 October 2012

Interview with Spiegel online: "Harte Reformen sind nötig"
3 October 2012

Interview with Wyborcza: "Gdyby nie ratować banków"
29 September 2012

Interview with the Revista econòmica de Catalunya: "Hem estat a punt de ser arrossegats"(in Catalan)
July 2012

Interview with Wall Street Journal (US) – "Economics guru jumps into a new fire"
27 July 2012

Interview with Insight EU: "Microsoft should learn from Billy Wilder's films"
24 July 2012

Interviews with ViEUws on various issues
The Google antitrust case
The Libor / Euribor case
State aid rules & cross-border mergers in the banking sector
Microsoft's lack of compliance with browser choice
Standard Essential Patents
July 2012

Interview with Jornal de Negócios: "Que os ricos paguem mais? Não apenas gosto, é imprescindível" and
16 July 2012

Interview with Les Echos: "Le sauvetage des banques représente entre 4 et 5 % du PIB de l'Europe"
Interview with Handelsblatt: "Eine starke Kontrolle ist nötiger denn je""
Interview with Rzeczpospolita: "Nie damy bankom mocno rosnąć"

11 July 2012

Interview with Il Sole 24 Ore: "Attuare subito l'accordo anti-spread"
8 July 2012

Interview with TVE about the results of the European Council
29 June 2012

Google accused of dominance - A report on ARTE Journal
27 June 2012

Interview with Expansión: "Los problemas de España requieren de más determinación"
20 June 2012

Interview with Reuters Insider TV on current economic situation and banking sector in Europe
13 June 2012

Interview with La Nueva España: "A España se le pide que no levante el pie del acelerador con las reformas"
30 May 2012

Interviews on the occasion of the European Financial Congress in Sopot (Poland)
23 May 2012

    Radio PIN (5'26")pl (mp3)
  • The vision and plan to improve the competitiveness of Europe in the context of the global economic race
  • Economic growth in the EU
    Polish Radio channel 3 (3'33") pl (mp3)
  • Eurozone: austerity or growth? What have we learned from the past 2 years?
  • Role of the ECB in solving the problems of debt-troubled countries.
  • Eurobonds
  • The Google case

Rules on national support for industry electricity costs in context of the EU Emission Trading Scheme
21 May 2012

Interview by Yann Antony Noghes of RTL-TVI
6 May 2012

Interview with Ara: "El rigor fiscal no és de dretes ni d'esquerres"
30 March 2012

Interview with CNBC: "Europe's Antitrust Enforcer on Deals"
30 March 2012

Questionnaire by the Hellenic Parliament on the 2009 deficit and the factors that led to the challenging of Greek statistics
Cover letter en - Replies en el - Note to the Eurogroup en
Letter from Finance Minister George Papakonstantinou en

Interview with Competition Law Insight
First published in Competition Law Insight, volume 11, issues 1 and 2 (24 January and 21 February 2012)
©2012 Informa UK PLC. All Rights Reserved

Interview with El País: "Se podía haber logrado margen en el déficit sin tanto ruido, sin desafíos"
Published 18 March 2012

Interview with Política Exterior: "Visión de la crisis a los dos lados del Atlántico"
March - April 2012

Article in El País: "El techo de cristal"
Published 7 March 2012

Interview with viEUws on State aid reform

Interview with the El Nuevo Lunes: "Un crecimiento sólido y sostenible para España y Europa"
Published 20 February 2012

Interview with Reuters TV on the NYSE-Deutsche Boerse case
28.1.2012 – World Economic Forum. Davos, Switzerland
(from minute 56 of the programme "Davos Today")