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Eurobarometer Special Surveys

Special Eurobarometer reports are based on in-depth thematical studies carried out for various services of the European Commission or other EU Institutions and integrated in Standard Eurobarometer's polling waves. Reproduction is authorized, except for commercial purposes, provided the source is acknowledged.

Reports By Reference number

Report Title Survey Report
EB 35.1
Consumer Behaviour in the Internal Market 4/91 7/91
EB 35A
Europeans and Health and Safety at Work 3-4/91 1992
Les Européens et la santé et la sécurité au travail
                pdf logo [1774kb ]
EB 35
Public Opinion in the European Community on Energy in 1991Englishpdf logo [905kb ] 3/91 11/91
L'opinion européenne et les questions énergétiques en 1991
                pdf logo [1089kb ]
EB 34
The European Community and United Germany
Public Opinion in East and West Germany
Special report on the results of the October 1990
Englishpdf logo [660kb ] 10-11/90 2/91
Die Europäische Gemeinschaft und das vereinte Deutschland
Sonderbericht über die Ergebnisse aus der Eurobarometer Umfrage N° 34 von Oktober 1990

                pdf logo [1027kb ]
EB 34
Eurodemographics? Nearly There! Esomar Harmonised Demographics for European Survey Research
Published 1991 by the European Society for Opinion and Market Research (ESOMAR)
Englishpdf logo [960kb ] 10-11/90 9/91
EB 35A
First European Survey on the Work Environment 1991-1992
Published in 1992 by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Condition
Englishpdf logo [1068kb ] 3-4/91 1992
EB 34.0
Family and Employment within the TwelveEnglishpdf logo [1360kb ] 10-11/90 12/91
Famille et emploi dans l'Europe des douze
                pdf logo [1351kb ]
EB 34.2
The Young Europeans in 1990
Les jeunes Européens en 1990
12/90 5/91
Public Opinion in the European Community about the United Nations
Published by the UN
10-11/89 4/90
EB 32
The Family and the Desire for Children 10-11/89 8/90
La famille et le désir d'enfants
Die Familie und der Wunsch nach Kindern
                pdf logo [1133kb ]
EB 31A
Europeans and the Energy Problem in 1989 6-7/89 11/89
Les Européens et les questions énergétiques en 1989
Die Europäische Meinung und die Energiefragen im Jahre 1989
EB 31A
The Perception of Poverty in Europe 6-7/89 3/90
La perception de la pauvreté en Europe
EB 31
Les Européens et la prévention du cancer: comportements liés au risque de cancer
                pdf logo 3-4/89 12/89
EB 31
Europeans, Science and Technology 3-4/89 1/90
Les Européens, la science et la technologie
EB 30
Europeans and the Prevention of Cancer: awareness of the programme and the European code 10-11/88 6/89
Les Européens et la prévention du cancer: la notoriété du programme et du code européen
EB 30
Racism and Xenophobia
Racisme et xénophobie
Rassismus und Ausländerfeindlichkeit
Racisme, Fremmedhad og Intolerance
                pdf logo [2591kb ] 10-11/88 11/89
EB 29
Europeans and the Prevention of Cancer : food consumption habits, smoking, screening for women's cancers 3-4/88 12/88
Les Européens et la prévention du cancer : consommation alimentaire, tabagisme, dépistage des cancers féminins
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