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24. The Conciliation Committee produces a joint text

Once the negotiators have arrived at a compromise, the Conciliation Committee must give approval in the form of a “joint text”. The Council's delegation acts by a qualified majority (unanimity in cases stipulated by the Treaty) while the European Parliament’s delegation acts by a simple majority of its component members.

Legal basis: Article 294(10) TFEU.

25. Parliament and the Council adopt the act in accordance with the joint text

The European Parliament (by a majority of the votes cast; no amendment may be tabled) and the Council (by a qualified majority with certain exceptions) must adopt the act within six (or eight) weeks, in line with the joint text.

Legal basis: Article 294(13) and (14) TFEU.

26. Act adopted

The legislative act is submitted directly for the signature of the Presidents and Secretaries-General of the European Parliament and of the Council, and is published in the Official Journal.

The procedure is ended.

27. Parliament and the Council do not approve the joint text

Should either of the institutions fail to give approval within the stipulated time limit, the act is deemed not to have been adopted and the procedure is ended.

Legal basis: Article 294(13) TFEU.

In detail

In practice, approval of the joint text by the Council does not pose a problem, since the Council’s delegation within the Conciliation Committee is made up of one representative per Member State (often the same representative as in Coreper). On the European Parliament’s side, approval may be more problematic, since the European Parliament’s delegation to the Conciliation Committee (currently 27 members) is not automatically representative of all the Members of the European Parliament.

Cases of non-adoption since the Treaty of Amsterdam

28. Act not adopted

The procedure is ended.

29. The Conciliation Committee does not produce a joint text

The act is deemed not to have been adopted and the procedure is ended.

Legal basis: Article 294(12) TFEU.

30. Act not adopted

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