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Following the end of the legislature of the European Parliament in July 2009, the Commission has made an overview of some statics for co-decision files agreed since 1999. Most notably, the share of first reading agreement increased steadily.

Figure: Comparison of stages of agreement between legislatures of 1999-2004 and 2004-2009

Furthermore, some indication could be given on the time that it takes on average between the presentation of a Commission proposal and the adoption of a file depending on the stage of procedure it is adopted at.

Table: Average duration in months of the procedure from Commission proposal until signature (including files signed up to 13/05/2009)

Agreement in

Legislature 1999-2004

Legislature 2004-2009

Shortest and longest procedure (2004-2009)

First reading



1,8 / 47,9

Second reading



11,9 / 108,1




28,8 / 159,4

You will find the entire report here pdf - 54 KB [54 KB] .

In addition, you will find some useful analysis in a following report published by the European Parliament: "EP Activity Report of the delegations to the Conciliation Committee", presented by the three Vice-Presidents responsible for Conciliation: Mrs Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou, Mrs Roth-Behrendt and Mr Vidal-Quadras 1 May 2004-13 July 2009 (6 th parliamentary term) PE427.162v01-00 .