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CO2 labelling of cars

To help drivers choose new cars with low fuel consumption, EU Member States are required to ensure that relevant information is provided to consumers, including a label showing a car's fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions.

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Specifically, the EU legislation requires:

  • A label showing fuel economy and CO2 emissions to be attached to all new cars or displayed nearby at the point of sale;
  • A poster or display to be exhibited showing prominently the official fuel consumption and CO2 emissions data of all new car models displayed or offered for sale or lease at or through the respective point of sale;
  • A guide on fuel economy and CO2 emissions from new cars to be produced in consultation with manufacturers at least annually. The guide should be available free of charge at the point of sale and from a designated body within each Member State;
  • All promotional literature to contain the official fuel consumption and specific CO2 emissions data for the passenger car model to which it refers.

Annexes to the directive set out minimum requirements that each of these consumer information items must meet.