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Extension of the EU ETS aviation regime to the EEA-EFTA States

Under the agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA), the EU ETS was extended to the three EEA-EFTA countries - Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway - in 2007.

Norwegian fishing village 2 © iStockphoto

The EU legislation on the detailed interpretation of aviation activities has been incorporated into the EEA agreement by the EEA Joint Committee Decisions 6/2011 and 43/2011.

Monitoring and reporting requirements

The extension of the EU ETS aviation regime to the EEA–EFTA countries means that these three countries are implementing the EU ETS with the same conditions and timelines as the EU Member States. The monitoring and reporting of EEA-EFTA aviation activities started in January 2010.

All aircraft operators, performing flights to and from the three EEA-EFTA countries have to take these flights into account in their monitoring and reporting activities. Hence, the monitoring and reporting templates developed by the Commission cover all 31 EEA countries.