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Licensing and reporting of ozone-depleting substances (ODS)

The import and export of ODS as well as the production for essential uses are subject to licensing. These activities, as well as the destruction of ODS, feedstock uses and process agent uses, are also subject to annual reporting. Furthermore, the use of ODS for laboratory and analytical uses (including the placing on the market for such uses) is subject to registration. For these purposes electronic systems are used.


ODS Licensing System (ODS2)

To improve the licensing process and reduce administrative burden, a new software (ODS2) was deployed at the end of 2013.

For the latest information, please follow the announcements on the message board inside ODS2.

Enter ODS2 if you want to:

  • Apply for an import or export licence*
  • Apply for a production authorisation
  • Apply for quota
  • Transfer a quota

Register as re-packager of HCFC

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* If you imported HCFC in 2013 for re-export you must request the corresponding export licenses still in the previous system Main-ODS-database.

Laboratory and analytical uses of ODS (Laboratory-ODS-database)

The use of controlled substances for laboratory and analytical uses (including the placing on the market of ODS laboratory chemicals) is subject to registration. Controlled substances may only be used in laboratories for essential uses where no alternative is available. The placing on the market of such laboratory chemicals is subject to a range of conditions. Further information about the applicable conditions and the registration process is available in our manual for the ODS licensing system for laboratory users.

Enter here if you are:

  • EU internal distributors of ODS for laboratory and analytical uses
  • End users in laboratories
ODS laboratory login

Enter the Laboratory-ODS-database

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A new registry software (LabODS) is currently under development. We expect that it will become operational in the second half of 2014. All users and distributors of ODS laboratory chemicals will then be requested to register in the new LabODS. More information will be available in due time.

Reporting of ODS under Article 27 (BDR)

Article 27 of Regulation (EC) 1005/2009 requires producers, importers, exporters, feedstock users and process agent users of ODS to report on quantities produced, imported and exported during the preceding year. Furthermore, destruction facilities need to report on the quantities of ODS destroyed.

Reports need to be submitted to the European Environment Agency via the Business Data Repository (BDR) tool. More information is available on that page.