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Bonn Climate Change Conference 2012

The Bonn conference, the first formal session of UN climate negotiations since the December 2011 Conference of the Parties in Durban, achieved mixed results.

Bonn Climate Change Conference © Earth Negotiations Bulletin

The new Durban Platform, under which a new global climate agreement is to be reached by 2015, was unable to get down to work due to disagreements over its agenda. These were eventually resolved on the final day of the meeting.

However, progress was made on a number of technical issues dealt with by the permanent subsidiary bodies, while under the Kyoto Protocol constructive discussions took place on matters that need to be resolved so that the second commitment period can start as planned on 1 January 2013.

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The Bonn conference also included several in-session workshops which helped to clarify positions on important issues such as raising the level of ambition, equitable access to sustainable development and the new market-based mechanism agreed in Durban.