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South Africa

Within the Climate change convention (UNFCCC) South Africa is a Non-Annex I country (developing country) and is a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol. South Africa ratified the Kyoto Protocol on 31 July 2002, but, as a developing country, does not have targets under the protocol.

Transparent globe with Africa prominent, close up © Stockbyte/Paul Tearle

The EU-South African relationship has significantly developed in the last 10 to 15 years. The EU and South Africa have developed a comprehensive partnership, of which one important pillar is the Trade, Development and CO-operation Agreement (TDCA). The South African Government and the European Commission have also agreed to work together to combat climate change. South Africa and the EU both share a concern for the environment in general, and climate change in particular. Both partners recognize the fundamental role of science and technology innovation for development and are committed to closer cooperation in this regard.

South Africa and the European Commission have established a South Africa – European Commission Forum on Environment and Sustainable Development (FESD) with a working group dedicated to climate change. The 1st meeting of the FESD took place from 1-2 October 2007 and provided the opportunity to exchange views on the different global environmental challenges as well as international environment governance. The climate change working group established under the FESD provides a forum for climate change policy dialogue and exchange on concrete cooperation activities. The first meeting agreed on cooperation and further dialogue in fields such as Air Quality and Modelling concerning Mitigation Scenarios and Measurement. The climate change working group is meeting on a yearly basis and will also hold workshops to deepen cooperation on different agenda items.