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Study on environment and energy in India

In 2008, the European Commission commissioned a study to determine Indian capacity to monitor atmospheric pollution from large industrial and power generation sources, develop an overview of potential win-win benefits of climate change and air quality/health policies, and design a pilot project to strengthen monitoring and reporting capacity for atmospheric emissions from those sectors inIndia.

The report concluded that EC sponsored activities in climate change should be mainstreamed into development projects and programmes. The main thrust should be implemented as long-term working relations on the ground, targeting tangible results (i.e. more than studies and traditional capacity building). An efficient means may be to partner with those EU Member States, which have profound, long-lasting and pertinent programme activities in India.

The European Commission is now seeking opportunities to implement one of the pilot projects recommended by the report.

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Consolidated final reportpdf(747 kB) Choose translations of the previous link 

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