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Puglia Active Network

Italian smart grids project completes first installation phase with NER 300 funding


Residents in Italy's Apulia region are benefiting from more reliable electricity supply and real-time information on their energy use thanks to the Puglia Active Network project co-funded by the European Commission's NER 300 programme.

United for Climate Action

Paris Agreement signing ceremony in New York – the EU calls for swift ratification


The European Union will sign the Paris Agreement on climate change on Friday 22 April in New York. The signing ceremony, convened by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, follows the adoption of the world's first universal climate change agreement by 195 countries in Paris on 12 December 2015. The European Union was the first major economy to table its commitment in the run up to the Paris climate conference (COP21) and now looks forward to the swift ratification and entry into force of the Agreement.

Close-up of a car exhaust pumping out of fumes © Stockbyte

Reported CO2 emissions from new cars continue to fall


New cars sold in the EU in 2015 emitted on average 3% less carbon dioxide (CO2) than those sold in 2014 and 10 grams of CO2/km below the 2015 target, according to provisional data from the European Environment Agency.

Rooftop packaged air-conditioning and heating unit © Public Domain (P199)

EU seeks progress on HFC amendment to Montreal Protocol at Geneva talks


From 4-8 April, in Geneva, Switzerland, the European Commission on behalf of the European Union will participate in ongoing negotiations for an amendment to the Montreal Protocol to include climate warming hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs).

EU and India flags

EU and India agree on clean energy and climate partnership


The EU and India have adopted a Joint Declaration on a clean energy and climate partnership. The Declaration was endorsed by leaders at the EU-India summit in Brussels on 30 March.

Airplane in blue sky © Stockbyte/John Foxx

Consultation on market-based measures to reduce the climate change impact from international aviation


The European Commission has launched a 12-week consultation to collect experiences, suggestions and opinions related to international and EU policies tackling climate change impacts from international aviation emissions through market-based measures. The consultation seeks input on questions concerning the policy options currently being developed at the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and in relation to the EU emissions trading system (EU ETS).

Eiffel tower on a globe

Environment ministers discuss follow-up to Paris Agreement


EU environment ministers today held a public debate on the follow-up to the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Globe with an Eiffel tower

Europe readies next steps to implement the Paris Agreement


The European Commission today presented an assessment of the implications for the European Union of the new global climate agreement adopted in Paris in December 2015. The assessment looks at the next steps in the process and how the Paris Agreement will be implemented in the EU. The assessment is accompanied by a proposal for the European Union to sign the Paris Agreement.

European Council

Foreign Affairs Council calls for continuing European climate diplomacy following landmark Paris deal


The European Union's Foreign Affairs Council has welcomed the global climate agreement reached in Paris in December 2015 as a landmark achievement for combatting climate change, and for multilateralism.

Jos Delbeke, Director–General for Climate Action

Commission's Director-General for Climate Action named Public Manager of the Year


The Flemish Association for Public Management has named Jos Delbeke, Director–General for Climate Action at the European Commission, as Public Manager of the Year. It is the first time the honour has been awarded to a European Commission civil servant.