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EU ETS Compliance Forum

  • Start date : 07/02/2012 00:00:00
  • End date : 08/02/2012 23:59:59

Over one hundred participants from Member States have attended the “Compliance Challenges for 2013 and Beyond - Making it Simpler, more Efficient, more Effective”. The main focus was to raise awareness of the challenges to implement requirements of the proposed EU ETS Monitoring and Reporting, and Accreditation and Verification Regulations. In particular, the event highlighted guidance documents planned to assist simpler, more efficient and more effective implementation.


It is proposed to develop a package of guidance to support consistent, accurate and transparent interpretation and implementation of each Regulation, consisting of user manuals, guidance notes, templates, exemplars and frequently asked questions.

Priorities and possible contributions from relevant Member State best practices and Compliance Forum Task Forces were also presented during the event.

Work in relation to the most immediate challenge, the provision of templates and associated guidance to facilitate approval of new monitoring plans in time for the start of EU ETS Phase III (1 January 2013), is underway.


Session I: Monitoring and Reporting Regulation and Guidance

Session II: Accreditation and Verification Regulation and Guidance

Session III: Making Compliance Simpler

Session IV: E-Reporting to make Compliance more Efficient and Effective

Session V: Solutions to Report and Improve Compliance