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EU ETS MRG Stakeholder Day

  • Start date : 12/05/2005 00:00:00

The Commission Decision of 29 January 2004 establishing guidelines for the monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions ("The EU Monitoring & Reporting Guidelines") comprises a clause for review for the second trading phase which starts in 2008. In preparation of this review the Commission has launched a stakeholder consultation in March 2005 to collect information on operators' experiences with monitoring and reporting under the EU Emissions Trading System.


As part of this consultation stakeholders were invited to submit answers to a questionnaire and to send position papers regarding the review of the EU Monitoring & Reporting Guidelines until mid April 2005.

The Commission then invited interested parties to attend a Stakeholder Day dedicated to the review of the EU Monitoring & Reporting Guidelines in Cologne on 12 May 2005. The Stakeholder Day was jointly sponsored by the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) and the Commission.

More than 120 participants from industry, government and non-government organisations across Europe attended the Stakeholder Day and discussed the most relevant issues which evolved from the written stakeholder consultation. The programme involved stakeholder presentations in several technical and cross-cutting sessions.

Starting in June 2005 the Commission will inform the public and Member States about the key results of the stakeholder consultation and start to develop recommendations to inform the discussion on possible changes and amendments of the EU Monitoring & Reporting Guidelines which are expected to come into effect before 1 January 2007. These revised EU Monitoring & Reporting Guidelines will also consider any relevant changes to Directive 2003/87/EC ("The EU Emissions Trading Directive").


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