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Competitive enterprises shaping a green future

Using energy more efficiently not only saves you money – it creates jobs too.

Old buildings are gaining a new lease of life with innovative low-carbon solutions. (c) European Commission

Old buildings are gaining a new lease of life with innovative low-carbon solutions.

In a warming world where greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced, many new, innovative low-carbon products will be developed. Industries and consumers alike are increasingly using energy-efficient lighting, hybrid or electric cars, solar energy, and many other low-carbon products and processes.

Using solar panels and other forms of renewable energy is helping schools meet the majority of their energy needs while also saving money. Other forward-thinking public services are embracing green initiatives and introducing comprehensive plans to save energy and resources and minimise their carbon footprint.

Green jobs

The move towards products and production techniques that have a low impact on the environment means that sectors concerned with energy-efficient products, renewable energy sources, equipment for smart grids and clean transport are likely to grow dramatically.

The EU eco-industries, which are active in pollution management and control, waste collection and treatment and renewable energy and recycling, already provide over 4 million jobs in Europe. Europe accounts for around one third of the global market for environmental goods and services, currently estimated to be worth more than €1000 billion a year and expected to double in value by 2020.

Environmental technologies that help measure, prevent and correct environmental damage can help EU industry produce fewer emissions, generate less waste, reduce costs and improve competitiveness.

The European Commission estimates that CO2 emissions from the industrial sector could be reduced by almost 90% by 2050, largely by implementing advanced industrial processes that are more efficient in their use of energy and other resources.

How you can help

To reach Europe’s full innovation potential, we need to capitalise on our smart ideas and put them into practice.

Which low-carbon products do you think will revolutionise our daily lives and economies in the coming decades? Share your thoughts on Facebook.


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