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Message by the Director General

Jos Delbeke

Jos Delbeke

Dear visitor,

Thank you for coming to the official website of the Directorate-General Climate Action of the European Commission.

Climate change a huge challenge

Climate change is a huge challenge to all of us. Temperatures are rising, rainfall patterns are shifting, glaciers are melting, sea levels are getting higher and extreme weather events such as floods and droughts are becoming more and more frequent. What's more, the dramatic consequences of climate change are predicted to intensify in the coming decades.

We want to make a difference


"We are all committed to making Europe the most climate-friendly region in the world"
Jos Delbeke

A lot of work lies therefore ahead of us over the next years. Here in Directorate General CLIMA, I can assure you that we are all committed to making Europe the most climate-friendly region in the world by continuing EU leadership in fighting climate change, leading international negotiations and helping worldwide to deal with the consequences of the degradation of the planet. We want to make a difference.

Let's all learn what to do

As an active fellow citizen strongly engaged in the fight against climate change not only on a professional but also a personal level, let me invite you to dive in our web pages and take an active interest in the EU action in this field. Let's all learn and do whatever we can to fight climate change, let's all make our planet a better place to live in.

Let's share this website as a starting point for positive change.

Jos Delbeke

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